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Giddy Geisha is a restaurant located at South Sea Islander Way &, Market La, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia The quality of the service here is excellent. Giddy Geisha has received 331 positive customer evaluations. Giddy Geisha is open from 11:30 until 21:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Giddy Geisha is the best choice for you.

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Giddy Geisha
Giddy Geisha Menu
Giddy Geisha
Giddy Geisha Menu
Giddy Geisha
Giddy Geisha Menu

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Giddy Geisha

331 Google reviews

Giddy Geisha reviews

Steven Allan
Arrived on a whim at 525 Monday evening and it was already close to busy. By 605 it was filled to capacity. Great outfitting with an industrial type vibe/appearance, set in an out of the way area in urban Maroochydore but near First Avenue and the new Holiday Inn. The food is marvellous and the servings generous. They also have wonderful cocktails. We had Crispy pork and Prawn, My Ramen and Rice cakes, nacho cheese and fried dumplings. Wonderful taste sensations. Do yourself a favour!

Sravan Gada
Very interesting place, it was a full house and we got the table without much waiting.The ambience was quirky and fun, lot of different selection for tables and chairs to choose from.We have to go up to the bar and order everything and they get it to your table.We ordered a whole lot of food and all of them looked and tasted good, we had fun. Bar has a decent range of drinks.

Andrew Lang
Excellent place to enjoy some delicious food. We started out with drinks and moved on to lots of dishes – few too many it seems. Loved the rendang and the pork belly. The greens were perfect.Nice atmosphere and efficient staff. I Recommend

LucidVibesss YT
The food is just off the charts good. Fast service when it comes to the food but a tad slow for drinks both times I’ve been. Drinks taste damn good too though. Will return a thousand times over and do the whole menu. We actually drive 40 minutes to come here so it’s well worth it

Jessie Rudkin
Absolutely beautifully presented. The crew was onto it and dealing with a fully packed restaurant. Cocktails were amazing. The food was incredible, each dish had perfect flavour profiles and was all paired beautifully. Hot tip, get there early and graze all night with a long line of cocktails 🍸This place lives up to it’s reputation. Much love to the crew and chefs, they are the ones who deserve the credit 👏

B. For B.
It was a bad decision to choose Giddy Geisha. I noticed that there’s quite a few comments which stated the foods are over-salted. Clearly, the chefs or management team overlook their customer’s opinion. Not only we ordered a lot of meals to finish since we love to try Modern Asian foods! We loves the creativity of the chef who can fused the ingredients and create something new. Unfortunately, this is not the place!The atmosphere was nice and well decor. Each meals describe as modern/fusion foods (As you can read all ingredients info) and the service was okay. The problem is the foods! From all the dishes that we ordered, the only meal that I think it’s edible is Calamari Karaage.We ordered:Baked Hervey Bay Scallops, 4 scallops mixed with Yuzu Kosho (not really taste any strong citrus taste) and Shiso (We didn’t taste Shiso leaves at all!). It tasted salty and no texture to compare with since the scallops were all tiny!10hr Braised Lamb Rendang:We didn’t look for authentic Rendang but at least, we should be able to taste the nutty and buttery since you named “Rendang” on the dish. The lamb was tender though.King Fish Sashimi:The sauce is TOO SOUR that you can’t really enjoy the sweetness of King Fish. Nouc Cham is vietnamese dipping sauce and you FLOODED it in the dish!Yuzu Honey Chicken:What are you trying to serve us here? The sauce itself underneath the fried rice noodle taste like a plum sauce. The flour that wrapped the chicken is too thick. It’s pretty much you’re eating a dough instead of chicken.Crispy Pork and Prawn:How dare you stated “Crispy”? It is a chunk of layered pork fat. Prawn? It is a baby prawn here. Again, Nahm Jim is Thai dipping sauce, I don’t mind you create some new menu but if you want to pour the whole dipping sauce and make it a “main” sauce here, you need to considering an overdose of “sourness”! Papaya was fresh, other ingredients seems like “just throw ’em in” to make this dish.Ocean Trout Roasted in Tom Yum Paste:Let’s say you really roasted the trout, then why you need to put it in the curry? It doesn’t make any sense! Which resulting we didn’t taste the tom yum paste in the trout at all since it had been soaked in coconut curry! The curry itself has no taste! If we didn’t see the white cream coconut of the curry, we would have thought it is just plain soup.We feel like if you really want to create modern/fusion Asian dishes, at least, the basic taste of each ingredients should be strongly considered! Not just throwing everything in and describing it as “Modern Asian” cuisine. We don’t mind “new” taste, but please don’t insult the customers by labeling as Modern Asian Street Food if you can’t even truly understand Asian Ingredients.

Daniel James Scharf
Legitimately one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had (Although I’m not the most adventurous). Such fantastic ambience, music at a level that lets the conversation still flow, but holds over the silence as you devour the incredible dishes. Staff super attentive mixing incredible drinks (Eumundi ginger beer on tap too). The kitchen knows how to send the fantastic aroma around the whole venue. Not allowing bookings appears to keep people moving at a frequent rate through the place, so ensure your group is punctual if you want to hit this one together.


Q Where is Giddy Geisha

Giddy Geisha is located at South Sea Islander Way &, Market La, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia

Q What is the phone number of Giddy Geisha

You can try to dialing this number +61 7 5452 4301 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Giddy Geisha

Latitude: -26.6577584 - Longitude: 153.0911368

Q Hi. Is this a BYO restaurant. I’d like to bring my own wine?

Is it byo