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“Open Tuesdays to Saturdays – Dinner only. We will look to open lunch sessions soon. Please follow us on instagram @mugenramen for updates”

Mensosai Mugen is a restaurant located at 11 Bligh Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia The quality of the service here is excellent. Mensosai Mugen has received 575 positive customer evaluations. Mensosai Mugen is open from 18:00 until 21:30 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Mensosai Mugen is the best choice for you.

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Mensosai Mugen
Mensosai Mugen Menu
Mensosai Mugen
Mensosai Mugen Menu
Mensosai Mugen
Mensosai Mugen Menu

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Mensosai Mugen

575 Google reviews

Mensosai Mugen reviews

William Hua
Really cosy place to have a bowl of ramen and some drinks. The noodles are more dense and chewy than what you get elsewhere in Melbourne, meaning that it’s really up to personal preference as to whether you’ll like it or not. The flavour is undeniably amazing and the sides are also very tasty. I would highly recommend booking a table downstairs if it’s your first time coming because that’s where this restaurant is most unique.

Yvonne Aralar
Did a walk-in on Saturday night and the waiting time was 1 hour. We were happy to wait at the bar across from the restaurant. Once our table was ready, we were welcomed by friendly staff and amazed with the atmosphere. Ordered the tsukemen and it was very delicious and tasty. Great portion size and value for money. Highly recommend and will come back! We received a 10% discount at the restaurant since we had drinks from the bar.

Thao Tran
My first visit, didn’t realise the queue would be so long! The wait time was almost an hour. After being seated, my partner and I immediately understood it’s popularity! Ordered their famous, “Wafu Tsukemen” sukiyaki – incredibly creamy and so tasty! Highly recommend! Since then, have repeatedly and happily returned to try their other menu items!:)

Natalie Dong
This place was a huge let down as it had been recommended by many food bloggers, and websites. Not only was the food below average, but the service was lacking as well.We arrived around 8:30pm when quite a few people were leaving so there were not too many customers. It still took them 20 minutes to take our order and another 40 minutes to serve the food. I’m pretty sure they’d forgotten we hadn’t been served our food based on the antics going in the kitchen.When the food finally did arrive, the soup was one noodle dip away from being cold. When we asked for the soup to all be reheated they were just microwaved. I have no issue with them microwaving the soup if the SOUP is hot. Instead it was lukewarm soup in a hot bowl.The soup was not as flavourful as some other reviews had claimed either. The chashu was thankfully quite delicious (hence the 2 stars instead of 1). Getting the larger bowl with extra noodles does not get you extra soup which is a huge disappointment considering how light tasting the broth was.Could not recommend a place less

Aaron Lim
Came here and heard about their dipping ramen tsukemen. The ramen is served cold with a hot option and you get a bowl of dipping sauce which is nice and thick to coat the ramen when you dip it in. It was amazing a flavourful and the ramen was on the chewier side which added to the experience! Will be coming back to try some of the other dishes.

Billy Taniwan
For taste, I’d say its good but in my opinion I would say it’s a watered down version of the usual japanese ramen. Rather than rich the ramen broth is closer to clean taste rather than usually rich taste broth.

Maria Kim
I really wanted to like this place, especially with some of the positive reviews. But the experience here was so disappointing I found myself needing to share it, especially for anyone who was planning to go out of their way to eat here (like I did). To those who had a great experience here, I am JEALOUS. I can only wish that was us, but honestly this place was the worst we had in Melbourne. Not worth it.TLDR: TRUST THE OTHER REVIEWS. DO NOT COME HERE TO EAT.Came here last week with my friends on a Saturday night for dinner. We were from Sydney and I wanted to introduce them to a nice tsukemen place (HUGE tsukemen fan here). We were at first super excited: the place had nice music and vibes, plus they had a promotion where you could get 10% off drinks at the bar across from the place if you show your receipt. We were keen, but the night ended with disappointment and a sour mood. We didn’t even get drinks.When we entered, there was some miscommunication so we ended up going up and down before being seated in front of the kitchen. Had to ask for table water service and utensils twice. But up to this point, we were okay. It’s chill, people can make mistakes. After 40 minutes, we started to wonder where our food was and can hear from the kitchen that they were playing around. Staff were speaking in Korean but I understood what they were saying, and some were clearly playing around/flirting with each other, asking “am I cute?” to one another. That’s nice and all but I don’t think its enough reason to wait so long for food (?). Please flirt after bringing out our food?One of the waitress noticed our staring and went to ask the kitchen about our orders. The next moment they were hussling and the waitress came to tell us that our order was delayed because there were too many other orders before us? We were literally in front of the kitchen and NO dishes left in the past half hour. Clearly our order was forgotten.The food came and they forgot to put seaweed on my friend and I’s plate (we ordered the large one too) and the soup was lukewarm at best that we had to ask them to reheat it for us. Even reheated, only the bowl was warm and I ended up with a mouthful of watered-down, cold soy with some noodles. The noodles remind me of this Korean knife noodle rather than ramen, which was interesting. I agree with the other reviewers that the soup was quite watered down, but I wondered if it was just the soy style in comparison to the usual meaty tsukemen broths we’re used to? Either way, was not nice. Honestly quite disappointing, considering they only had this and one other tsukemen item on the menu?


Q Where is Mensosai Mugen

Mensosai Mugen is located at 11 Bligh Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Q What is the phone number of Mensosai Mugen

You can try to dialing this number +61 3 9620 3647 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Mensosai Mugen

Latitude: -37.8172694 - Longitude: 144.9637306