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“An opulent underground steak house where fine-dining meets semi-respectable displays of gluttony”

The Gidley is a restaurant located at Basement/161 King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia The quality of the service here is excellent. The Gidley has received 431 positive customer evaluations. The Gidley is open from 12:00 until 00:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then The Gidley is the best choice for you.

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431 Google reviews

The Gidley reviews

Joshua Luong
The GidleyA drop dead gorgeous steak house on the corner of Elizabeth and King st. It was extremely well decorated with old fashioned furniture/artworks to fit the theme of a classy old school american steak diner and coupled with the option of a private poker room it seemed like the perfect birthday celebration for my friend. While I could go on and on about how beautifully set up everything was, giving an amazing atmosphere to dine in, the food truly had to be the highlight of the night. While most Sydney steakhouses spoil you with a plethora of steak options, The Gidley offers an extremely modest selection of steaks from the Rib-eye bone in or boneless, a classic english roast cut and even the prized spinalis cut of the rib-eye (which I didn’t even know was possible to sell) and to everyone’s benefit made ordering much easier as the waiter recommended to share a bit of everything which was a spot on as you’ll be wanting to go back and forth comparing outstanding steaks with each other. The sides that we ordered to pair with the steaks are extremely rich in flavor and of a high standard but something more noteworthy would be their “Gidley” burger. I can’t say too but if you are a burger fan please do yourself a favor and order it. Desserts were also great as it’s their twist of a classic American dessert done well. While I wish I could say everything was excellent that night, the truth is it wasn’t for me personally…Having experienced fine dining restaurants a handful of times, I understand the pretentious “rules” that follow whether it’d be wearing smart attire, avoiding causing disturbances and enjoying the food their way however under these circumstances I would expect excellence and near perfection for hospitality and service. The Gidley’s makes great recommendations for food, drinks and being in the private room, extremely attentive but that’s unfortunately where it ends. The restaurant prides themselves on the rule “refrain from using mobile phones in the dining room” and I’m not too sure to what degree they enforce this but the waiter felt the need to make this comment to the entire table while I was caught taking some memorable photos. He would continue to mention that guests would have their phones confiscated in a jovial manner which I unappreciated. While I respect and understand the idea of avoiding phones at dinner tables to encourage more conversation with friends and loved ones, I simply felt that being almost mocked for holding my phone (while trying to take photos and recommending The Gidley to family) was rude service and too far. Furthermore, I again felt like I was dealt the shortest straw because one of the worst possible things was to transpire after our meal. During the clean up, the waiter impressively stacks 20 or so dishes, knives and forks, steak bits/bones and juices and crumbs… only it wasn’t impressive and completely lost balance in front of my face. I must’ve had really great foresight that day because I chose to wear black and saying that my whole attire was soiled and bruised may be an understatement. I realize that mistakes can happen ruining the established vibes of a party was not something I was looking to do. Despite the waiter being extremely apologetic I still felt that this was completely unacceptable and while they gave us more drinks, I still felt uncompensated for my completely ruined outfit and experience.If you value food and a great steak, this place might be for you. If you value the wholesome experience of a true dining restaurant this place might not be. For me personally, as someone who frequents many Sydney restaurants with my family, I will not be coming back. There are other steak places.

Brendan Wong
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The Gidley and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent fine dining establishment.There is a great selection of delicious food on the menu and whatever you order, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you leave room for dessert to finish your night off.I enjoyed the atmosphere as it wasn’t noisy even when it was at its busiest, so it’s fantastic for catch ups or dates. No phones are allowed in the main dining area, but that’s not necessarily a bad things as it encourages you to fully enjoy your dining experience.The service is impeccable and the staff are very hospitable and attentive. They look after guests very well!

Abhijith RP
I was so happy visiting this amazing steakhouse place in the underground, corner of King Street and Elizabeth Street to be exact.There is a great selection of delicious food, we ordered the Gildey Burger ( double beef patties with house pickles) by far the best burger I have had in Sydney and the Kafe express from their cocktail menu.I really enjoyed the ambience, from the carpets to lights to the furniture, everything had a unique touch to it.The service is impeccable and the staffs are very hospitable and really welcoming. They look after the guests so very well and made sure we had a wonderful time all throughout our visit.Make sure you have a reservation if you’re fine dining.

Joseph Reynolds
Attention to detail, a warm welcome, and fantastically cooked cuts of steak. All the food is served on sharing plates, the steaks are cut for your ease. Considering everyone shares food these days it’s nice to see a place change to adapt. The rib eye steak was perfect, the maple bacon a delicious must have side. Their drinks are well made, the old fashion was mixed perfectly.Having your phones taken away with a nice touch as it allowed you to appreciate the restaurant ambience and the food without worrying about adding 10 things to your Instagram story.Be warned it’s difficult to get a reservation so make sure if you want to go, plan ahead.

The steak and service were both more impressive than Bistecca based on my own experience. The medium was perfect to me. I do prefer the interior of Bistecca though. Same no phone allowed in the dining room.

Vyktor Vale
Exceeded all my expectations. Magnificent service and atmosphere,staff were super friendly and made excellent recommendations. Food was excellent of course, ordered the burger as an appetiser and honestly could have ended the meal there it was that good.Loved the no phone policy, definitely need to do this more when I go out.Will definitely be back again.

Fancy Bunny
So I went to The Gidley for my 20th birthday with a party of 9 and this experience was nothing short of immaculate. The Spinalis steak was the star of the show! Everyone on the table loved how it melted in our mouths, many others agreed that it was the best steak we’ve ever had. The Gidley Burger was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had, the bun were cut to perfection. It was so smooth and the meat melted in our mouths. Nicholas, our waiter, was so funny and accomdating by explaining all the dishes in detail. We all shared the English Cut, Prawn Cocktails, Scallops, Mac & Cheese, Fries, Potato Gratin & Garlic Mushrooms which were all very good. The Gidley Negroni and Tequila Gimlet were amazing drinks in the lounge. The vibe was amazing with low key lighting which felt very prestigious and comfortable. I would 100% return again to try more of the drinks and revisit the Spinalis and The Gidley Burger. They take your phone off of you which we didn’t mind so I didn’t take much photos but this is a MUST GO in Sydney! If no one took pictures of this, you wouldn’t believe how amazing this place is! Thank you for the complimentary bagle and chocolate coins too but most importantly, thank you to The Gidley for a memorable 20th birthday!


Q Where is The Gidley

The Gidley is located at Basement/161 King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Q What is the phone number of The Gidley

You can try to dialing this number +61 2 9169 6898 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the The Gidley

Latitude: -33.8692214 - Longitude: 151.2101555

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