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Uneke Lounge is a restaurant located at 140 Fitzmaurice St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia The quality of the service here is excellent. Uneke Lounge has received 319 positive customer evaluations. Uneke Lounge is open from 07:30 until 16:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the www.unekelounge.com.au on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Uneke Lounge is the best choice for you.

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Uneke Lounge
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Uneke Lounge
Uneke Lounge Menu

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Uneke Lounge

319 Google reviews

Uneke Lounge reviews

vince king
Salmon was excellent with a fresh mango salad. Bao buns are also delicious.Lovely industro-chic space.You can order & pay via QR point at your table.Our meals arrived promptly despite the Saturday lunch rush.

Alexander W
I got the big brekky, it was delicious. It is a couple more dollars more expensive than other places though. They have QR codes that let you order at the table which is great but I did notice it doesn’t have some items (iced latte) and doesn’t give you a great deal of customisation with you meals. Very nice venue and dining area. Friendly well mannered staff.

Anna Genovese
Most gorgeous cafè with original art and painted walls. Service efficient and attentive. Unfortunately the coffee wasn’t the best in my opinion, as well as the brekkie. I ordered poached eggs with salmon on a brioche bun. Everything was good apart from the fact that the hollandaise sauce was not home made and it was covering the full dish as well as the flavour. My suggestion is to put a drizzle of sauce on the eggs and the rest on a side so that customers can decide how much they want.

Loretta Gordon
Fantastic food & drinks.I had Corn fritters with a poached egg, grilled tomatoes with tomatoe relish. Delicious highly recommend. & the big breakfast 😋

Richard Temple
What lacks in customer service and owner/staff personality, delivers in concept and style. Lovely decor, spacious seating. The retail merchandise although oozes quality, lacks in range in the corner, – hand creams, scents etc. Do it right or don’t bother. Perfect spot for bench and window seating.The outdoor garden appears to be closed, although at first glance appealing, is slammed shut and locked from the side entrance.Waited to be seated, ok I had to wait, no problems, but no personality in the staff. Busy, but busy can be done in an eclectic and fun manner. . The staff appeared machine like and only spoke when you ordered and paid. The more senior staff member lacked “joie”, and skitted about cleaning and delivering meals. Not at all engaging. Skittish and a sense of emergency. Coffee is on par, not excellent but very pleasant. I did not realize there was a very pleasant bar in the rear of the premise. A nice addition but not promoted or lack thereof. Certainly needs a human fun factor which can be ✅ done in a busy brasserie environment. I’d guess this comes from the top. Been twice, same feel both times. Food is above average. Chefs seem to have a grasp of the ingredients. Food delivery timely and in line with the “business”. It seems popular with the collar and pearl brigade but caters for all. Nice spot.

Junelle Parr
I visit Uneke every time I’m in town and have never had a bad meal but was there this week and I have noticed last couple of visits this place has dropped the ball. The girls working this particular morning were sloppy in their execution. We were greeted without expression “just the 2 of you” no good morning etc. Another girl took out her long pig tail in full view of everyone and re done her hair. We were sitting right near the door so I could hear the same thing said to everyone “just the 2 of you then” that walked in. No pleasantries really which is a shame it’s not that hard to be pleasant to people. Lots of standing around giggling and carry on as well, not a good look guys.I don’t pride myself in negative reviews but I have noticed this on my last few visits.

Jayne Elizabeth
The café looks great and has so much potential, but it needs a huge revamp of the menu and more staff training.Our food arrived cold and was pretty uninspiring, the coffee wasn’t great, the milk for my tea was curdled, and the food and drinks for our table arrived at wildly varying times. There’s a real lack of interesting vego options.Saturday morning is a busy time, but considering that many tables were pre-booked, there were plenty of staff on the floor, and the ordering is done via app, I’m not sure why the whole thing is so inefficient.


Q Where is Uneke Lounge

Uneke Lounge is located at 140 Fitzmaurice St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia

Q What is the phone number of Uneke Lounge

You can try to dialing this number +61 2 6925 8143 or find more information on their website http://www.unekelounge.com.au/

Q Where are the coordinates of the Uneke Lounge

Latitude: -35.1040461 - Longitude: 147.3685697

Q Do you need a booking for lunch?

Sometimes you can fluke it, but best to book